• Its time!

    The Kona Network, which means women in Icelandic, is the daughter of social media dialogue and gender awareness.

    We are a women led initiative that challenges male biases by building a crowdsourced independent database registry of female experts in Tech, Media, Finance and Science to:

    • SHOWCASE abilities and talents by industry, region, language and level of expertise.
    • FEATURE their profiles as speakers, experts and commentators in their industries.
    • PROMOTE their work, publications, research articles, news media pieces.

    Please register here and join this Revolution!

    Our next step is to showcase the registry globally, to include ALL women- in  databases, events, recruiting firms, event convenings, academic and tech conferences within our first year. No organizer, convenor or conference planning team will say…we looked but expert women were nowhere to be found!

    Spread the word on social media TW: @KonaNetwork | FB: The Kona Network | IN: Kona_Network; and let us know what your ideas are for our next steps.